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With over a decade of experience, West Avenue Services is a trusted migration and education consultancy. Specializing in career counseling, study abroad, and migration services for destinations like Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Caribbean Islands, and Europe, we've witnessed the industry's evolution. Our dedicated team, including ICCRC & MARA lawyers, adapts to client needs, making us the region's most reliable consultancy for a diverse clientele seeking successful global journeys.

Our Services

Immigration Guidance

Expert assistance navigating the complexities of immigration processes for a seamless journey.

Study Visa

Facilitating educational aspirations with comprehensive support for securing study visas worldwide.

Second Citizenship

Unlocking global opportunities through strategic guidance on acquiring second citizenship.

Work Visa

Tailored services to secure work visas, ensuring a smooth transition to international employment opportunities.

Worldwide Visa Services

A comprehensive range of visa solutions catering to diverse global destinations and client needs.

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